WhatsApp has made 5 WhatsApp new update, know about its new feature

Friends, there are some changes every day on WhatsApp. Similarly, 5 new changes have been seen in WhatsApp. If you guys have not yet known the change of this WhatsApp. So in today’s post I am going to tell about the new update of the same WhatsApp. And you must read this post till the last…..

Friends, whenever there is some new change or new update in WhatsApp. So some people like it. And some people feel bad. Some new updates are very useful for you. And some updates are so crap for you that they are of no use. But the small updates that come are of great use. If all of you are aware of the updates, then it can be very useful for you.

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WhatsApp new 5 update

WhatsApp new update: 1- Friends, first of all talk about WhatsApp update. So the first update is for WhatsApp group admin. If you are the admin of any WhatsApp group. so good for you. New feature of WhatsApp If your WhatsApp group in shares the wrong video, photo or any such message. And you think these things are not right. and you want to delete it So you can delete it very easily. This video, image and message will not be deleted from your mobile, but from the devices of all the people in the group to whom it will reach.

Although this feature was first given to WhatsApp Beta users. That is, as many people use the beta version of WhatsApp. They must know about this feature. But now this feature has been rolled out globally. That is, you can see this feature inside any WhatsApp. If you knew about this feature. So tell me by writing in the comment box.

2- Friends, the second change in WhatsApp is about WhatsApp Fitter. Inside the filter you will get to see another button. It is by the name of unread that if you get a lot of messages on WhatsApp. And you see and read all those messages one by one. So some messages are left in that. So they go down quite a bit and watch us crawl it up and bring them up.

But now you will see by clicking in the search bar, a button of unread has come here. When you click on it, all the unread messages are there. The ones you haven’t seen or read yet. So all those messages will come together. It is good in a way, it will also save your time and you will be able to read the message quickly.


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3- Friends this third update is very useful for you Sometimes what happens is that we want to send any message, video, photo and document. and accidentally moves on to someone else. Or by mistake any other message, video, photo and document is lost. and then we think delete it And when we delete it. So let’s do the trick on the message, video, photo or document and click on the delete button. write comes after that.

delete for me


delete for everyone

So we hastily clicked on delete for me. And that message, video, photo and document gets deleted from our mobile. But it is not deleted from the other person’s device on which the message, video, photo or document is sent. In this new feature, after deleting the bottom, you will get an icon of an undo. You can then get back the message, video, photo or document by clicking on it. Your deleted messages, videos, photos and documents will be back. Then you can delete for everyone by clicking on Delete.

4- Let’s talk about the fourth update of WhatsApp. So we should have got this update during the time of lockdown. But this update came a little late. But it’s okay If you want to talk to someone on a voice call or if you want to talk on a video call.

So you can generate a link of video call or voice call. If you want to have a meeting with multiple people. So you can share this link with all those people. And by clicking on that link, those people will be able to talk to you through your video conferencing or voice conferencing. Simultaneously 32 people can join this voice or video conferencing. This link will be valid for 90 days.

5- Friends, the fifth update of WhatsApp is that if you stay connected to any group of WhatsApp. And you do not like that group and you want to leave that group. So you can leave that group and after exit the group which is visible to all the people notification. That notification will be visible to the group admin only. With this, any person connected to you in the group cannot understand that you have left the group.

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