Know the complete process of how to do wedding card printing business

shadi-ka-card-Kaise-Chhapte-Hain: Friends, if you want to do any business and you are thinking this. That I have to start a business at a very low cost. If you do not have enough budget you can do any big business. So in today’s post, I will tell you about the business of printing a small wedding card. By which you can earn millions by doing business. This business is useful in every season. and from time to time it is needed. So this business will do very well for you. If you know this business well then you can earn good money every month in every season.


Friends, in today’s post, I will talk about the business of printing wedding cards. How much does it cost? And what has to be done about it? The information of all these things will be told in detail below, to know more definitely read…….

How to start wedding card printing business?

Friends, talk about card printing or wedding card, then gradually the facility of this card is increasing. People demand all kinds of cards and get the cards printed. For example, whether it is a wedding card or a birthday party, engagement, banquet, or death banquet, people get all types of cards printed.

Similarly, you will continue to get offers to print many cards. People use cards to give invitations to people in any kind of program, festival, or any program. And these 12 months you will continue to get work. You can earn good money by doing this work.

Friends, you can do this business in two ways. If you want to do card printing digitally. So you will need a digital printing machine for this. The cost of which can be very high. If you want to print this card physically and for less money. So you have to make a physical printing machine. Which can be ready by making you a printing machine at a very low cost and after that you can print the card.


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What are the things needed for card printing?

Friends, you want to open a card printing shop and do business. So you have to buy some stuff related to this business.


1- Card Printing Frame: Talking about the printing frame, you can buy this printing frame readymade from the market. Its angles can be found in the market. If you want to make this angle. So you can make it at home also. After making it, you have to set this angle in plywood.

2- Frame Glass: You have to take a mirror according to the card printing frame. With the help of this, you will be able to expose the matter on the frame.

3- Decoding Powder: When we are done printing our cards, we wash our matter frame. Which can be used as decorating powder while washing. Decoding powder cleans the matter in a good way. And the frame looks the same as before.


4- Nitro: We also call nitro thinner, We also call nitro thinner, with the help of this we use it to get rid of the coating on the frame. It cleans thinner frames well.

5- Supercoat: With the help of this super coat, we prepare the coating.

6- Emulsion: With the help of this emulsion, we prepare the coating.

7- Butter Paper: We use butter paper to print the matter from the computer. The matter is printed on butter paper only by a laser printer. Whose painting looks very good.

8- Color Paint: You can choose the paint color according to the color of your card. You can use any type of color on your card. Which you will get available in the market.

9- Sanitizer: We use sanitizer to prepare the coating.

10- Tape: We use tape to cover the frame. So that the paint does not get on the card outside the frame.


After buying all these items, you have to prepare the matter on your computer. After preparing the material, you can print it on butter paper with a laser printer. After printing, you can expose it on the frame. After the exposure, you can print the card.

How much does it take to start a card printing business?


To do a card printing business, you have to first spend ₹ 3000 to ₹ 4000. After that, you can do this business. Its printing can be done very easily. If you want to start a business at a low cost. So definitely do this business.


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