Festival special offer of Samsung, Redmi, Infinix to know about 5G Launching in India this October

Friends, if we talk about 5G launch in India, then it is going to be launched in this month of October. This advance international conference will be launched by IMC 2022 in the month of October. It will be launched by Honorable Prime Minister.

Festival special offer: Friends, if we talk about festival sale, then many companies are giving festival special offer. Everyone wants to have their favorite product. So that company is offering at a low price. And if you also want to take any product. so can take Samsung has announced it self according to the counting. On the very first day of the festival offer, about 12.2 million of them i.e. more than 12 lakh Galaxy devices have been sold on the festival sale.

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Jio 5G smartphone launch and its features

Jio 5G launch: An interesting news is coming about such friends Jio 5G smartphone. It is being said that its price is going to be below ₹ 12000. According to me it should have been below ₹ 10000. Jio 5G smartphone is going to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 480 5G. It has a 6.5 inch HD+ almond display with 4GB RAM but 32GB internal storage. If its price was ₹ 10000 instead of ₹ 12000, it would have been the best. Coming in Android version 11. It has 5000 mAh battery and 18W Watt fast charging mobile phone. If you have any information about this, then definitely tell me by writing in the comment box.


Motorola StarTAC Rainbow LCD TV: If friends talk about the launch of the device, then the news that has come in a day or two. Its launching that they are launching 2 smartphone TVs of Motorola StarTAC Rainbow TV Metrola. The sound given by it is given by Boat Company. That is, Motorola company is launching 3 size Motorola StarTAC Rainbow TV with the partnership of boat company. 32 inch, 43 inch and 43 inch 4k ₹10999 price starts from this. If you want to take this TV, then you can definitely take it, it is a very good TV.

Leaks and Rumors: infinix 0 ultra 5G special images are out. It is going to be launched very soon, it is going to be launched in the month of October. It is going to be launched on MediaTek dimensity processor 920, In this, you are going to get 5000 mAh battery with 18W Watt fast charging and 200 megapixel camera and 5G network.

redmi Note 12 Series: redmi note series are most popular. 3 smartphone of redmi note series is about to be launched. And 3 smartphones of redmi note 12 series can be launched in October this month. And it will be launched by Dimensity processor. If you like its features then you must definitely take this smartphone. In this you will get to see fast charging of 6 RAM 128 storage 80W watt. And triple camera setup will be seen which will start 64 mega.

Apple watch Ultra: Friends, recently Apple has launched a new hand watch named Apple Watch Ultra. Talking about its facility and its quality, then it is of very good quality. Whose quality was recently checked by a YouTuber. That hand watch is so strong that if you hit it with a hammer, it will not break. Talking about Apple Watch Ultra price, it is available around 90 thousand rupees. If you want to take this watch, you can definitely take it.


Samsung Galaxy Launched Axis Credit Card for visa

Samsung Galaxy & Axis credit card: Friends, Samsung has launched a new thing. You must be thinking that this will not be a device. This is a credit card launched. This partnership is through Axis Bank and you can buy any product from this credit card by going to the STORE of Samsung Galaxy.

Changes can be seen in the new smartphone device of Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy is about to make a dual under display camera system device phone in its new smartphone, which you will get to see soon.

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