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Know the benefits of eating cashew, when and how to eat it

kaju khane ke fayde: Friends, talking about dry food, the name of cashew comes first. Nothing less than a boon for your health. And...

benefits of eating dates: 10 advantages and disadvantages of eating dates with blood sugar,...

khajur khane ke fayde: Friends, dates are such a fruit or dry food. Whatever everyone wants to eat, it is as sweet as it...

Is eating watermelon good for you? Know the benefits of its nutritious element

watermelon: Friends, watermelon is a vegetation fruit, which we consume as a fruit. The history of watermelon is known from the pictures of watermelons...

What is Chia seeds? What is the benefits of chia seed

Chia seeds: Friends, chia seeds are such a seed, after eating which there can be no shortage of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber inside...