Benefits of gond katira And know its many medicinal properties and benefits

Benefits of gond katira: Friends, there are some such herbs in Ayurveda which prove to be very beneficial and beneficial for human health. And can recover human health very quickly. Today we are going to talk about gond katira which is a yellow colored gum coming out of the tree. And it’s sticky and smelly and tasteless And its effect is very cold, so it should be consumed in summer only.


gond katira ke fayde: Gond katira is used to remove constipation, enlargement of breast, get rid of skin diseases and premature ejaculation or to remove physical weakness etc. Read below to know more……

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benefits of eating gond katira (gond katira ke fayde)

benefits of gond katira: remove weakness Gum katira helps to overcome physical weakness, a lot of protein and folic acid are found in gum katira. And by consuming gond katira, the body gets instant strength and by eating it, the blood becomes thick. If you keep 20 grams of gum katira soaked in a glass of water or milk and then mix it in the morning after making a sherbet and drink it, then it gets more benefit.


Weight loss: If we consume gum katira regularly, it also reduces the weight of our body. Gond katira helps in flushing out toxins from the body and increases the body’s metabolism. The high fiber found in it gives relief to your body for a longer time.

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For face: You can also improve your face by consuming gond katira, soak gond katira in a glass of water overnight. And after this, in the morning, mixing honey or jaggery in a glass of milk, you can make juice and consume it.

Increasing sexual power: Gond katira also increases sexual desire in men. Consumption of gond katira can increase the lost sexual desire in men. Apart from this, it also helps in preventing premature ejaculation discharge or night discharge. To consume it, you have to keep 10 grams of gum katira soaked in a glass of water every night. You can consume it the next morning by adding a teaspoon of sugar or adding sugar candy, you will start seeing its benefits in a few days.


Remove blisters in the mouth: People who have a lot of problem of blisters in the mouth, they can take gum katira. The blisters in the mouth can be removed by consuming gum katira. You can reduce the swelling, redness and pain caused by mouth ulcers in these ways. You make a finely ground paste of gum katira and apply it on your ulcers to get relief from ulcers. By doing this, you feel a lot of coolness on your ulcers and gond katira khane ke interactions also get a lot of relief, gradually it also starts getting better.

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Disadvantages of eating gond katira


side effects of eating gond katira: By the way, there is no side effect of gum katira, it can be eaten and it can also be applied. If pregnant women and lactating women want to consume it, then I must consult a doctor. After this you are advised that if you consume any medicine or allopathic medicine, then after one to one and a half hours after that gum katira or herb should be consumed.

Friends, if you consume gum katira, then after consuming gum katira, it becomes very important for you to drink more and more water. Because gond katira is sticky which starts sticking in your intestine and blood. Which can cause you a lot of physical harm.

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