benefits of cumin, Panacea for piles, gas, and many diseases jeera

Benefits of cumin: We use jeera in our home kitchen to make the food tasty. Cumin is present in almost every home kitchen. Cumin not only tastes good but it also has hidden health benefits. If you also want to know what happens by eating cumin. And how cumin keeps us healthy. So in this post, I am going to tell you about all those things in detail below. Do read below to know more…..


There are two types of cumin seeds available in friends 1- Black cumin and 2- White cumin

White cumin: White cumin is most commonly used for making garam masala.

Black cumin: The same black cumin is mostly used in the kitchen to enhance the taste. Cumin is very beneficial for your health. Let us know about the medicinal properties of cumin.

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In which disease cumin is useful (jeera ke fayde)


benefits of eating cumin: Friends, if we consume cumin, then it starts increasing our digestive powers. If we do not eat food properly. And due to the wrong way of eating, we start having problems with indigestion. In such a situation, if cumin is included in the food, then it increases your digestive power. And jeera also helps us to increase immunity power. Iron is found in abundance in cumin. This element helps in transporting oxygen to every cell of the body.

Benefits of drinking cumin water: Friends, if you consume cumin regularly. And after soaking cumin seeds, they consume their water. So it starts increasing the immunity power of your body. Just like if you feel weak. So, after soaking cumin seeds in water every night, filter that water thoroughly in the morning and consume it. So this can get rid of your physical fatigue and problems like gas.

to lose weight: Friends, if your body weight has increased a lot. So in such a situation, you must definitely consume cumin water. Your body weight can be removed by consuming jeera water. And if you consume it by mixing lemon juice with it. So it becomes very effective.

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benefits of eating cumin on an empty stomach


benefits of cumin for stomach: Friends, if cumin is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach for three weeks. So you can get to see many benefits of it. If your weight is increasing, then after soaking cumin seeds at night and getting up in the morning, filter the water thoroughly and consume it.

So your weight starts decreasing rapidly. Along with this, regular consumption of cumin is very beneficial to remove the pain in bones and joints. It relieves pain by reducing inflammation. For joint pain, you should drink cumin water or apply cumin oil. Massaging with black cumin oil reduces knee pain. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for diabetes. Diabetic patients should also consume cumin water.

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Its next advantage is that many women have to face problems like abdominal pain, cramps, and nausea during the monthly period for women. In such a situation, consuming cumin water gives relief from the problem of cramps and pain during menstruation. Jeera is also very beneficial for hair. Anti-fungal and anti-micro goods are found in abundance in cumin. Which are very beneficial to make you look young.


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